Our Purpose, Vision and Priorities


Everything we do will shape and enable the creation of a sustainable health and care system that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. We will do this by providing leadership, including connection, energy, removing perceived or actual organisational boundaries and:

  • Acting as one – exemplified in actions and behaviours. 
  • Improving population health – delivering the Healthy Wirral outcomes around better care and better health using a place-based approach
  • Clinical sustainability –sustainable, high quality and appropriately staffed services
  • Financial sustainability – managing with our allocation and delivering better value
  • Service sustainability – ensuring sustainable, high quality, appropriately skilled staffed
  • Effective engagement - working with our public and patients to promote self-care by involving them in all decisions made about them

Our mission is for better health and wellbeing for the residents of Wirral by working together. 


Our vision is to enable all residents of Wirral: 

  • to live longer and healthier lives by taking simple steps of their own to improve their health and wellbeing
  • to provide the very best health and social care services when people really need them
  • to provide services as close to home as possible


  • Wirral 2020 – supporting the priorities agreed by partners
  • NHS Long Term Plan – to support its development and implementation
  • Outcome Based Commissioning – to ensure that outcomes are the key focus of all provider contracts moving forward, which are based on people living healthier lives
  • Provider collaboration – to ensure commissioning approaches encourage providers to work together and put people, not organisations, at the heart of their work
  • Neighbourhoods – to support the development of neighbourhoods and place, including aligning Wirral Health and Care Commissioning resources and staff, to commission and deliver high quality care to local populations