Our neighbourhoods

Place base care is a national direction which is all about building a ‘person-centred’ approach, which puts people at the heart of decision making. This is driven by local people in order to meet the unique needs of a local population in one given location. Through collaborative working and making the best of local assets and resources, place base care will enable people to keep fit and well in their own communities.

How were our neighbourhoods created?

Place base care in Wirral has taken significant steps in 2018 with the formation of Wirral neighbourhoods. Wirral has been divided into 9 neighbourhoods, all with a population of communities between 30-50,000 people. With the recent introduction of Primary Care Networks, we will be working through and defining what role our neighbourhoods will have, and look at moving forward with a focus on the wider determinates to keeping people fit and well.

Primary care networks (PCNs) form a key building block of the NHS long-term plan. Bringing general practices to work together has been a policy priority for some years for a range of reasons, including improving the ability of practices to recruit and retain staff; to manage financial and estates pressures; to provide a wider range of services to patients and to more easily integrate with the wider health and care system.

Wider determinants, also known as social determinants, are a diverse range of social, economic and environmental factors which impact on people’s health e.g. the built and natural environment and crime. They determine the extent to which different individuals have the physical, social and personal resources to identify and achieve goals, meet their needs and deal with changes to their circumstances.